UpdateBulletin 0914


=============9.14  Maintenance Notice=======

Free Shikigami Lineup Adjustments

We will change the lineup of the limited-time free shikigami on 17/9, 2018. The new free shikigami will be Kyuumei Neko, Jorogumo, Kusa, Youko, Shishio, Enenra, Hone Onna, Maestro and Puppeteer.
Of these shikigami, Hone Onna, Maestro and Puppeteer have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can't use them in battle.

Latest Events

1. School Uniform
Event Period: 14/9 after maintenance to 20/9
Mannendake and Hannya's school uniforms will be available! Enjoy a 12% discount on the uniforms Student·Free and Student·Teen during the event!
In addition, Mannendake's school uniform Student·Free will be available in the Mystery House for 60 days when the Uniform Order for the whole server reaches a certain amount!

2. Harvest Moon
Event Period: 14/9 after maintenance to 27/9
During the event, players can choose their favorite mooncake flavor to support and obtain Mooncake Slices of that flavor when participating in matches. Combine the slices into a complete mooncake to get rewards and submit certain amounts of mooncakes to obtain a limited edition frame!
Submit certain amounts of mooncakes to enable the Mid-Autumn Festival exclusive AR event and obtain a limited edition frame!

3. Uniform Orders
Event Period: 14/9 after maintenance to 20/9
During the Uniform Orders event last week, the uniform orders reached 35000000!
In return for all onmyoji's passionate ordering, we have decided to issue a 30% school uniform discount coupon in addition to the 40% school uniform discount coupon. We hope that more onmyoji can have the chance to meet shikigami in the Heian School!

Optimizations and Adjustments

1. Optimized the preview for skin exclusive voices in Voice Gift Box. Players can now preview the unlocked voices exclusive to a skin if they already have the skin.
2. Optimized the matching rules for all game modes, the matching time might be increased due to this adjustment.
3. Optimized the movement action when attacking non-shikigami units in order to avoid appearing too close to the target when attacking. 
4. Optimized the notice in the Summon. A more special notice will appear when obtaining advanced skins.
5. Fixed an issue that Menreiki's Japanese Personalized Voices were missing.
6. Fixed some known bugs.
7、Fixed the incorrect descriptions of some items and skills.


New Content(For Asian Server Only)

Kuro Mujou and Puppeteer join the Demon Encounter!

1. Kuro Mujou

Ultimate Ability: Fickle Doom·Strengthened
Increases trigger HP and further reduces the cooldown when slaying an enemy.

2. Puppeteer

Natural Passive: Unity·Strengthened
Refreshes ability cooldown and increases damage of Unity, Armor and Magic Resist when switching form.