Sakurako's Monthly Preview - April


Hey you all! It's Sakurako again.
You know Sakurako is always your favorite princess of Heian-kyo,
But recently, some croaking creature just jumps out and steals all the attention
And it's all because Sakurako hasn't received a new dress to wear!
So Sakurako decides to take up a part-time job at some kitten tavern
in order to save up money for a prettier dress and come back as Heian-kyo's prettiest princess
Sakurako has met a lot of interesting customers at the tavern
The Monthly Preview is no more. What's in front of you now is Sakurako's Work Journal!


First Customer: The Tough Guy with the Sparrow

Sakurako's first impression is that he seems like a big puppy?
With a huge blade, and a large chest on his back,
He seems to be delivering some precious goods.
As soon as he entered the tavern, he yelled at Sakurako to get him some liquor.
But surprisingly, this seemingly aggressive man
had an adorable little sparrow sitting on his head!



Second Customer: The Aloof Lady

It's a cold lady who has no interest in worldly affairs.
Her gorgeous crown gives Sakurako the feeling she's a princess from another land.
She doesn't seem to have any emotions -
Even after drinking the shopkeeper's treasured sake, or eating the suspicious-looking food made by Sakurako,
her face was still free of any expression...
Sakurako wonders what she's gone through to make her so calm?




Third Customer: The Sprite who Hides Pine Nuts

Sakurako has really taken a liking to this lively customer.
She seems to be a sprite from somewhere deep in the forest.
She smells of fragrant leaves.
This is the first time in Sakurako's long life to encounter such a scent.
Apart from the scent of fresh leaves, there seems to be something else... The smell of rice?



Fourth Customer: The Beauty who has Travelled Far

This customer only makes her appearance at dawn and dusk,
When the afterglow dusts her bronze skin with glittering gold.
Beneath her graceful figure is a giant beast tail.
She likes the sweetness of alcohol, saying it heals broken hearts.
When she gets tipsy, she says things Sakurako couldn't quite grasp.
"I will find the Ark, and avenge my lover..."



Fifth Customer: The Soothsaying Girl

This customer is quiet and mysterious, and she fiddles with a sophisticated instrument.
Some other customer told Sakurako that it's called an "astrolabe."
With the astrolabe, the girl is able to learn about the past and predict the future from the stars.
She can even... look into a more distant world.
Which means she must know when Sakurako will be getting back the title of Heian-kyo's prettiest princess!



Oops, the innkeeper is telling Sakurako to serve the food!
Sakurako will keep updating the work journal to share the customers' stories with everyone!
Also also, Sakurako really doesn't know anything about new skin coming up in April or whatever.
Sakurako is just an innocent little part-timer!
Can you help Sakurako raise some money for a pretty dress?

*All content above are still under development and does not represent a final outcome. Please refer to the in-game content for actual effects.