Update Notes 0412


[New Season Starts]
Season 25 will start after the maintenance on 4/12/2024. Please check the detailed info below:
1. After the start of Season 25, Onmyoji Talent will be based on the final Talent of Season 24 and will be inherited according to certain rules.
2. After the start of Season 25, Onmyoji can receive avatar frames, titles, sealing effects, Wish Cards, and Prayer Ema rewards based on their highest tier of last season. Both the avatar frame and title rewards for the previous tiers will be unlocked as well. The Supreme Onmyoji avatar frame and title can only be obtained if the player is Supreme Onmyoji at the time of tier settlement.
3. After Season 25 starts, players who joined at least 60 5v5 matches or 80 Fun mode matches in Season 25 with an average punishment rating of less than 0.025 per match (number of punishments/total matches) can claim Yokinshi's S25 exclusive Art of War skin, [Art of War: Sacred Praise], on the [Art of War Contract] page.
4. During Season 25, Onmyoji who meet the requirements for receiving the skin will be able to directly claim Kamimai's Season 25 exclusive Ranked Match skin [Virtue of War: Blossom Moon].
5. After Season 25 starts, the season's match data will be added to the Season Memento.
[S25 Battle Pass]
S25 Battle Pass is live! This cycle will end on 6/27/2024. This cycle introduces new Battle Pass exclusive skins, Season Skin: Superior, Return Effects, Broadcast Themes, Sakurako Skins, and more rewards. Additionally, the Battle Pass Shop now offers a direct exchange feature for previous seasons' Battle Pass skins! Onmyoji Masters can redeem exquisite skins from before Season 16, and the redemption pool will continue to be updated.
For 380 Jades, you can unlock all the content of the Battle Pass and instantly claim the Bounty Rewards for your current level. This season's rewards include the Return Cursed Seal, Seal Effect, Item Special Effect, broadcast themes, Kamimai's Season 25 Ranked Match skin: Superior [Scarlet Fan], and Enmusubi's new skin [Poetic Tour] among other rare items. By spending 660 Jades, not only can you unlock the Battle Pass, but also obtain the limited avatar frame [S25 Battle Pass - Precious], immediately jump 20 levels, claim Enmusubi's new skin, and enjoy the early access privilege for the Season 25 Ranked Match skin: Superior!
[Latest Events]
1. Treasure Chest
Event Period: 4/12 after maintenance to 4/25
During the event, complete quests to collect Feathers (permanent) during the event. Feathers can be used to exchange for free skins (highest quality: Epic).
2. April Special Offer
Event Period: 4/12/2024 after maintenance to 4/18/2024
During the event, purchasing Value Shikigami Gift or Skin Gift gives you a chance to draw value rewards such as [Shikigami "Giveaway"], [Great Spirit Series Legendary Skin Selection Box], and selected epic skins.
3. Daily Collectibles
Event Period: 4/12/2024 to 4/16/2024
During the event, recharge a specific amount of Jade every day for bonus rewards.
4. 7-Day Prayer
Event Period: 4/12/2024 after maintenance to 4/25/2024
During the event, spend 60 Jade to unlock the 7-day Sign-in Quest and claim [Auspicious Daruma], [Jade Leaf], [Broadcast Theme], and other generous rebate rewards!
[New Mahjong Fight Season]
Mahjong Fight Season 11 has begun! After the maintenance on 4/12/2024, Onmyoji's Mahjong tiers will be reset to either Dedicated Novice or Promising Rookie, based on your current tier. Meanwhile, the rewards for reaching the highest tier each season will reset.
[Environment Adjustments]
1. Laning Phase Adjustments
We have been closely monitoring the laning phase, aiming for players to engage with its strategic elements. However, we've observed that the outcome and economic benefits of this phase rely too heavily on the support from jungling shikigami. This limits the phase's impact on the mid-game. In addition, fixed HP regeneration contributes to imbalances among lanes: it often results in overly advantageous conditions for the mid and top lanes, while the bot lane remains at a disadvantage. Consequently, the support of jungling shikigami in the bot lane becomes disproportionately valuable.
By slightly lowering the base HP of the shikigami, we hope to enhance the competitive disparity during the laning phase. This adjustment is intended to make it easier for shikigami who secure an early advantage to translate this into economic gains. Also, we've changed the healing upon leveling up from a fixed amount to one that's based on the percentage of HP lost. This change is designed to narrow the disparities across different lanes.
Adjusted HP regen upon leveling up: HP regen before Lv.6 adjusted from 19 per second (+4*Current Level) to 3 per second (+4%*current lost HP).
Base HP adjustment: Base HP of shikigami reduced by 10%.
2. Adjustments to Gold & EXP Acquisition Rules
Currently in Heian-kyo, it's common for players with an advantage to struggle in exerting their influence during matches. On the flip side, those at a disadvantage often feel helpless to turn the tide. This situation arises because economic benefits earned by individual players are evenly distributed across the team. This arrangement not only makes it challenging for dominant shikigami to extend their influence into the mid-game but also leaves the disadvantaged team feeling powerless against an opponent without apparent weaknesses.
In this update, we aim to adjust how EXP and Coins are earned during battles. We intend for the economy to focus on shikigami who perform better and enhance their ability to influence the team's performance. Simultaneously, we plan to reduce the EXP gap between the advantaged and disadvantaged teams, hoping to diminish instances of significant level disparities and prevent situations where the disadvantaged side sees no chance for a turnaround.
To achieve these goals, we've reduced the amount of Coins obtained over time and increased rewards for sealing shikigami, as well as improved the rewards from lane and assist equipment. Also, for the experience of those on the disadvantaged side, we've broadened the experience adjustment range when levels deviate from the average and shortened resurrection times during the mid-game.
Adjusted the number of Coins naturally obtained in the game: Coins naturally obtained in the game adjusted from 4 per second to 2 per second.
Adjustments to the benefits of killing monsters and lane minions: The benefits of killing monsters and lane minions have been increased to 1.2 times the original amount.
Enemy shikigami sealing reward adjustment: Base Coins for sealing enemy shikigami increased from 200 to 300, base Coins for assisting in sealing enemy shikigami increased from 100 to 150, and assists no longer receive extra bounty.
Shikigami resurrection time adjustment: Level-based resurrection reduced from 8-40s to 8-35s; playtime-based resurrection time multiplier increased from 1-1.5 to 1-1.7 (maxes out in 20 minutes). This will reduce the resurrection time of sealed shikigami in the mid-game, while the resurrection time in the early and late game will basically remain unchanged.
[Balance Adjustments]
1. Momo
Momo is a bit too strong overall, and yet her Ultimate Ability [Revival Blossom] is not very useful in some dangerous situations because its casting method requires selecting a specific location. Therefore, we have adjusted the casting method of the Ultimate Ability [Revival Blossom] from selecting a location to a simple tap, creating a realm within a certain radius around the caster. To improve the usability of the resurrection realm for your ranged ally shikigami, we have also slightly expanded the radius of the realm of the Ultimate Ability [Revival Blossom]. We hope that this adjustment can balance the strength of Momo while making her Ultimate Ability easier to cast.
Ultimate Ability [Revival Blossom]:
Adjusted from selecting a location to tapping to cast to generate a realm around the caster.
Realm radius increased from 500 yards to 625 yards.
2. Kani Hime
After the previous adjustments to Tank equipment and Onmyodo, Kani Hime remains somewhat weak and finds it difficult to gain an upper hand while laning. To enhance Kani Hime's laning strength, we have increased the damage growth per level of Ability 1 [Conch Hammer].
Ability 1 [Conch Hammer]:
Base damage increased from 80/105/130/155/180 to 80/115/150/185/220.
3. Yamawaro
After the adjustments to the Guardian-class equipment and Onmyodo, the strength of the Shantong has exceeded our expectations. As a Guardian-type shikigami with strong initiation abilities, he should not have excessively high sustained damage output and excessively high wave clear efficiency. Therefore, we will slightly increase the cooldown of the second skill [Earthquake], while slightly decreasing the damage coefficient of the second skill [Earthquake] against soldiers. We hope that this adjustment will bring the strength of Shantong back to a reasonable range.
Second skill [Earthquake]:
The cooldown is increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.
The damage coefficient to soldiers is decreased from 150% to 130%.
4. Wukong
As a Samurai shikigami with high damage output, Wukong currently has excessively high survivability in team battles. This is not only due to the substantial damage reduction provided by Ability 3 [Cloud-Splitter], but also the HP regeneration from Ability 1 [Cudgel's Protection]. The latter becomes particularly overwhelming with adequate equipment enhancement. Therefore, we have reduced the damage reduction provided by Ability 3 [Cloud-Splitter], and adjusted the HP regeneration structure of Ability 1 [Cudgel's Protection], shifting some of the HP regeneration based on Bonus Attack Damage to the base value. This adjustment aims to temper his capacity to dominate when ahead while preserving his viability under less favorable conditions.
Ability 3 [Cloud-Splitter]:
Damage reduction ratio adjusted from 50%/57.5%/65%/72.5%/80% to 45%/50%/55%/60%/65%.
Ability 1 [Cudgel's Protection]
Adjusted HP regen from 10/15/20/25/30 (+60% Bonus Attack) to 10/15/20/25/30 (+40% Bonus Attack) (+3*Current Level).
5. Aoandon
As a Mage shikigami that relies on basic attack damage, Aoandon often ends up in more dangerous positions compared to other mage shikigami. To enhance Aoandon's survivability, we have increased Aoandon's armor growth and increased the slowing effect of Ability 2. Meanwhile, Aoandon's passive recovery in the early game is insufficient, making it difficult to clear minion waves after engaging in level 1 fights. To mitigate this, we've given her a base MP regeneration feature.
MP regen every 5s increased from 11 to 21.
Armor growth increased from 7 to 8.5.
Ability 2 [Ghostly Light]:
Slow increased from 30%/35%/40%/45%/50% to 40%/42.5%/45%/47.5%/50%.
6. Sakura
As a Marksman, Sakura needs to keep enemy shikigami within her casting range for extended periods, which has made her survivability a bit of a concern. To address this, we've extended the attack range of her Ability 2, [Sakura Dance], specifically in the mid to late game. Our goal is for Sakura to maintain her presence and continue her dance in team fights. To maintain balance, we've also slightly decreased the damage output of [Sakura Dance].
Ability 2 [Sakura Dance]:
Damage reduced from 13/18/23/28/33 (+20% Attack) to 13/18/23/28/33 (+16% Attack).
Enhanced state damage reduced from 13/18/23/28/33 (+18% Attack) to 13/18/23/28/33 (+14% Attack).
Ultimate Ability [Sakura Rain]:
The range increase of [Sakura Dance] adjusted from 10/20/30 to 25/50/75.
7. Youko
Youko's is a bit too weak in the late game, a period in which a Marksman should play an important role. Therefore, we aim to subtly enhance Youko's damage output in the late game, without altering his early game laning capability. This adjustment is intended to ensure Youko performs better in late-game fights.
Ability 1 [Wind Blade]:
Damage of the first blade increased from 50/90/130/170/210 (+60%/65%/70%/75%/80% Attack) to 50/90/130/170/210 (+60%/66.25%/72.5%/78.75%/85% Attack).
Ultimate Ability [Blade Cyclone]:
50% Attack/55% Attack/60% Attack increased to 50% Attack/57.5% Attack/65% Attack.
8. Kyuumei Neko
Kyuumei Neko's burst damage is a bit too high. We hope to reduce it somewhat while maintaining her continuous damage output capability. Therefore, we have reduced the ability damage of Kyuumei Neko and increased the Crit Damage of [Nine Lives] so that Kyuumei Neko can have a reasonable performance.
Ability 1 [Revenge]:
Damage reduced from 45/97/149/201/253 (+125% Attack Bonus) to45/85/125/165/205 (+110% Attack Bonus).
Ability 2 [Razor Claws]:
Attack bonus of the first two claws reduced from 20% to 15%; Attack bonus of the third claw reduced from 35% to 25%.
Passive [Nine Lives]:
Crit Damage increased from 185% to 195%.
9. Miketsu
Miketsu is somewhat weak at the moment, so we have slightly increased the base Attack Speed of Miketsu's Ability 2 [Fox Realm], hoping that Miketsu can have certain damage dealing capabilities in the early and mid-game. Meanwhile, the hit rate of Ability 1 [Divine Arrow] is somewhat low, so we have slightly increased the width of its range.
Ability 1 [Divine Arrow]:
Increased the hitbox width from 170 to 200.
Ability 2 [Fox Realm]:
Attack Speed boost adjusted from 15%/22.5%/30%/45% to 25%/30%/35%/40%/45%.
10. Tenjo Kudari
After the adjustment, Tenjo Kudari's control and protection abilities in team battles are somewhat insufficient. To address this, we have slightly increased Tenjo Kudari's control abilities and the Shield provided by the Ultimate Ability [Rain Shelter].
Ability 2 [Promise]:
Control duration increased from 0.7/0.925/1.15/1.375/1.6s to 0.7/0.975/1.25/1.525/1.8s.
Ultimate Ability [Rain Shelter]:
Decreasing Shield adjusted from 200/400/600 (+40% Ability Power) to 250/475/650 (++66.6% Ability Power).
[Demon Encounter]
Sakura - Strengthened:
Ultimate Ability [Sakura Rain]: The range of [Sakura Dance] is greatly increased.
Susanoo - Strengthened:
Ability 1 [Thunder]: Increase in the number of rushes and the damage dealt to targets during the rush.
Sasori - Strengthened:
Ability 2 [Veil of Mist]: The range of the poison mist has significantly increased, and the damage reduction in Invisibility state has also significantly increased.
[Demon Encounter Balance Adjustments]
Hoshiguma Doji: Cooldown of Hoshiguma Doji's Ultimate Ability [Enemy in the Bowl] reduced from 60s to 40s.
Ittan-momen: Passive [Entanglement]: HP recovery increased from (+20% of max HP) to (+40% of max HP).
Higanbana: Ability 3 [Blood-soaked Flowers]: Slow effect increased from 27.5% to 50%.
Nekomata: Ability 1 [Kuro Rush]: Damage increased from 55/135/215/295/375 (+120% Attack) to 55/135/215/295/375 (+140% Attack).
Karasu Tengu: Ultimate Ability Deadly Flock damage adjusted from 10/20/30 (+20% Bonus Attack) to 7/14/21 (+22% Bonus Attack).
[Optimized Battlefield Notification]
Enhancing visual clarity on the battlefield has always been our goal, and in this version, we will continue our optimizations to deliver clearer battlefield notifications. The following contents have been iterated and optimized for battlefield clarity:
1. Shiranui: Fixed the issue where the effect of Ability 1 dissipated too quickly, which resulted in a mismatch between the actual effective range and the effect range.
2. Bakekujira: Fixed the mismatch between the duration of the Ultimate Ability's special effects and the duration of the ability's function.
3. Komatsu: Reduced the warning level of [Summer Berries] from the perspective of allies.
5. Izaya: Optimized the clarity of the edge effects of the Ultimate Ability in low graphics settings for the [Default Skin]; Enhanced the effect of Ability 3 for the [Default Skin], [Constant Passage], and [Jade Cloud Grandeur], so that both allies and enemies can clearly perceive the actual effect range of the ability.
5. Jorogumo: Optimized the clarity of the edge effects of Ability 3 in low graphic settings so that both sides can clearly perceive the actual effective range of the ability.
6. Futakuchi: Fixed the issue where the warning special effects of the Ultimate Ability would disappear prematurely under certain circumstances.

7. Kujira: Fixed the issue where the range of Ability 2's special effects did not match its actual range.
8. Dai Shimei: Enhanced the visual performance of the bullets from Ability 2 so that its threat can be more easily perceived.
9. Aobozu: Optimized the indicator of the Ultimate Ability in [Buddha's Heart Form] so that the Stun range is more clearly indicated.
10. Mannendake: Optimized the consistency of the Ultimate Ability's warning signs so that both sides are more aware of Mannendake's Ultimate Ability warning.
11. Momo: Optimized the clarity of the edge effects of the Ultimate Ability [Vernal Vine].
12. Vampira: Fixed the issue where the range of Ultimate Ability effects for [Galaxy Travel] and [Crystal Abyss: Glass Flower] did not match the actual range.
13. Aoandon: Optimized the clarity of the Ultimate Ability's edge effects in low graphic settings.
14. Kani Hime: Optimized the performance of [Sound - Childish Fun] from the enemy's perspective.
15. Ittan-momen: Enhanced the visual performance of the bullets from Ability 1 so that its threat can be more easily perceived.
16. Enenra: Optimized the disappearance timing of the warning effect for Ability 2 to give enemies a clearer indication of when the ability is preparing to strike; introduced a new warning effect for the Ultimate Ability [Maple Reflections] from the enemy's perspective to enhance the distinction between friend and enemy actions.
17. Furi: Optimized the explosion visual effects of Ability 1 to more clearly delineate the damage area; improved the visual cues of Ability 1's bullets so that the ability's threat can be more easily perceived; fixed the mismatch between the visual and actual effect ranges of the Ultimate Ability.
[Optimizations and Adjustments]
1. The number of consecutive unassigned matches required to guarantee the main selected position when playing Ranked Match solo has been reduced to 3.
[Free Shikigami Lineup Adjustments]
We will change the lineup of the limited-time free shikigami at 5:00 AM on 4/15. The new free shikigami will be Komatsu, Enmusubi, Kuro Mujou, Hone Onna, Enenra, Jorogumo, Puppeteer, and Yasha.
Onmyoji who own the God of Fortune Month Pact will have the additional free shikigami, Suzuka Gozen and Kyuumei Neko.
Among these shikigami, Puppeteer and Yasha have a high difficulty. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can't use them in battle for free.