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Free Shikigami Lineup Adjustments
We will change the lineup of the limited-time free shikigami on 3/11, 2019. The new free shikigami will be Chin, Yamausagi, Karasu Tengu, Shishio, Ootengu, Ryomen, Hannya, Hone Onna and Susabi.
Of these shikigami, Hannya, Hone Onna and Susabi have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can't use them in battle for free.
Shikigami Adjustments
1. Ryomen
Compared with other Samurai shikigami, Ryomen is quite strong in the early game. Therefore, we lowered his base attack and the Shield provided by his Ability 2: Thundering Windrunner in the early game in order to slightly lowered his laning power. We also increased the base damage dealt by his Ultimate Ability in the late game.
Base Stat
Adjusted Base Attack from 90 to 85.
Ability 3: Thundering Windrunner
Adjusted blocked damage by shield from 150/190/230/270/310 to 120/167.5/215/262.5/310.
Ultimate Ability [Divine Combo]
Adjusted Base Damage from 130/180/230 to 130/190/250.
2. Kusa
After the item adjustment, the healing power of Kusa became a bit too high. Therefore, we have slightly lowered the heal of her Ability 1: Flower Power and increased the MP cost in order to balance the influence brought by the item adjustment.
Ability 1: Flower Power
Adjusted base heal from 80/135/190/245/300 to 80/130/180/230/280.
Increased MP cost from 50/60/70/80/90 to 60/70/80/90/100.
3. Puppeteer
Puppeteer possesses great damage, harass and survival power. She will be very powerful if being controlled properly. Therefore, we have slightly lowered her damage dealt.
Ability 2: Puppet Rush (Ranged)
Adjusted base damage from 100/160/220/280/340/400 to 100/155/210/265/320/375.
Ability 3: Occult Thread (Melee)
Adjusted damage bonus from 8/10.4/12.8/15.2/17.6/20% of target's Max HP to 6/8/10/12/14/16%.
4. Kosodenote
Kosodenote's main method of dealing damage is taking advantage of weaknesses. However, it becomes hard to continuously attack weaknesses in the mid and late game and the benefit of hitting the weaknesses is quite low. Meanwhile, cooldown of her Ability 1 is a bit too long. Therefore, we have increased the Attack bonus of her Ability 1: Hidden Sting and decreased the cooldown in order to make her join battle more smoothly.
Ability 1: Hidden Sting
Adjusted Attack Bonus from 40% to 55%.
Adjusted the damage bonus according to target's Max HP from every 100 points will increase Attack by 1% to every 80 points will increase Attack by 1%.
Adjusted cooldown from 10 seconds to 10/9/8/7/6 seconds.
5. Menreiki
Currently Menreiki can deal more damage in team battles than other Mage shikigami and the AP bonus granted by items has a lower influence on her. Therefore, we have lowered the damage dealt by Menreiki in order to keep her positioning of team battle shikigami and make her damage more reasonable.
Natural Passive: Spirit Infusion
Adjusted damage bonus of current level from 15 to 12.
Ability 1: Spirit of Kawakatsu
Adjusted base damage from 45/72.5/100/127.5/155 to 45/70/95/120/145.
6. Ootengu
Compared with other Mage shikigami, Ootengu's survival power and damage dealt are quite low. Therefore, we have increased the knockup time of his Ability 2 and the AP bonus of his Ultimate Ability in the early game in order to strengthen him in battle.
Ability 3: Gale Force Wind
Adjusted knockup time from 0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9 seconds to 0.7/0.75/0.8/0.85/0.9 seconds.
Ultimate Ability: Blade Storm
Increased AP Bonus from 35% to 40%.
Shikigami Adjustments
After the ability redesign, Yasha will join the Heian-kyo battlefield this week. Bloody Shura Pack and Bloody Shura Box will be available in the General Store with a 22% discount. Buy the pack or box to summon Yasha and get Favor items, Witchery Bell x8 or Evolution Amulet x1. Exclusive pack and box will be available till 23:59:59 on 3/14. Don't miss out!
Optimizations and Adjustments
1. Optimized the effect of some interfaces for the Rivalry theme style.
2. Optimized the special effect range of Mannendake's Ability 2: Bamboo: Penetrate.
3. After Battle Pass reaches Lv 100, rewards of Battle Pass quests will be adjusted to coins.
4. Added and adjusted the trigger achievements of some shikigami's Taichi Mudra and adjusted the trigger rate of displaying some Taichi Mudra.